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Clinical trials for cannabis oil cancer cure seek funding

cannabis oil cancer cure

There is an ever-growing list of illnesses that researchers say cannabis shows promise in treating, but what about the legendary cannabis oil cancer cure? So far, there haven’t been conclusive research results based on human trials, but now scientists are reaching out for crowd-funding in order to investigate cannabis as a cure for brain cancer.

News report says crowd funding is sought

Weekly America Press reports that the researchers hope to investigate cannabis as a treatment for a form of brain cancer known as glioma after early cell culture and animal studies found that cannabis shows great promise in combatting this form of cancer. Of course, funding is an issue. Pharmaceutical companies are notoriously reluctant to enter into research on medical cannabis per se.

As a result, the crowd-funding platform Walacea is being used by the researchers to raise the necessary funding for their proposed research. It won’t be the first time that the platform has raised the necessary funding for controversial medical research. Earlier this year, a human LSD brain imaging project received sufficient funding for its research, and the Weekly American Press expects the cannabis research to receive a similarly positive response from funders.

Why doesn’t the government fund this research?

The article also looks into the reasons why government isn’t actively contributing to medical cannabis research. After all, the research that has been done has shown great promise in many instances, and the public are already turning to cannabinoids as treatments for a wide range of ailments – even though full scientific evidence isn’t yet available. Instead, they’re turning to the internet and are basing their cannabinoid doses on what is, at best, educated guesswork.

However, the federal stance on cannabis remains prohibitive despite medical marijuana programs having been implemented in several states across the United States. The primary obstacle is the schedule 1 status of cannabinoids and cannabis. This designation reflects the official stance which maintains that there is a high possibility of abuse of a drug, and no valid medical use. The report says that US research into the real medical uses of cannabis is severely hampered and “virtually impossible”.

cannabis oil cancer cure

Research is urgently needed

Natalie Jonk, founder of Walacea told the press that the schedule 1 status allocated to cannabis is turning those who hope to benefit from its beneficial properties “criminals” and that cancer patients are using cannabis based on anecdotal evidence and their participation in forums – hardly a scientific basis for treatment – and one that could potentially prove dangerous.

If there is really such a thing as a cannabis oil cancer cure, a properly researched treatment protocol would give medical cannabis patients suffering from cancer a better chance at recovery. What’s your opinion? Is cannabis oil a cancer cure? If this funding drive is successful, we may soon start seeing proof one way or another.

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