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CBD Oil Children: Cannabis makes a difference!

CBD Oil Children

CBD Oil Children: Parents seek cannabis oil to treat kids

Parents of children with special needs in other US states are now hoping more states will follow the example of Governor Robert Bentley who recently added Alabama to the growing list of US states allowing the use without an age restriction of certain cannabis oils for the treatment of serious seizures says

Not all 24 states (and growing) that have legalized the use of medical marijuana allow for treatment of children, instead restricting it to those over 18. Some, like Colorado and at least 15 other states, have included children, and many parents, desperate to find treatment for their children, have even moved to these states, calling themselves “marijuana refugees”.

CBD Oil Children
At Endoca

Those living across the state line from Alabama in Georgia, are hoping their state might follow their neighbour’s decision. Among them is Dale Jackson, a co-Founder of Hope United, which supports the use of cannabis oil. He told’s News 3 he had been trying for some time to get it legalized in Georgia, as sourcing the oil elsewhere had not been successful. Even in states like Colorado or Oregon, where it is legal to sell marijuana, it is not legal to sell medicinal oil to anyone not resident in the state.

Jackson said he knows cannabis oil has not got FDA approval, but he had personally seen positive results in treating children. Parents echoed his views, saying they hoped the proximity of Alabama to Georgia would make a difference because, as one mother put it, mothers were always trying to do whatever they could for their children.

Relief from seizures

An oil from a low THC, high CBD cannabis strain has been called “Charlotte’s Web” after a young girl named Charlotte Figi whose parents used it as a treatment, achieving apparent success in treating Dravet Syndrome. Her seizures, which started soon after birth, became so severe that she was having 300 seizures every week, and could no longer eat, talk or walk. Her parents tried the oil in desperation, and found it reduced the seizures to occasional night-time incidents. Now around 180 children in Colorado receive Charlotte’s Web treatment for seizures. One of them was reported to have been seizure free in the first year of treatment, having experienced ‘thousands’ of seizures a day prior to treatment.

CBD Oil Children
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Reports have indicated positive effects with regard to the use of marijuana in treating children with other conditions such as cancer, autism and attention deficit disorder. However, limited evidence or conclusive research is available to support these reports.

CBD Oil Children: Debate goes on over using cannabis oil to treat kids

Meanwhile the debate goes on as to whether cannabis treatment should be used for treating children with special needs.

While many people, some community leaders and groups like Moms for Medical Marijuana, are calling for marijuana’s use with children to be legalized, medical bodies like the American Academy of Pediatrics remain opposed. Instead they call for increased scientific research into using cannabinoids to relieve symptoms existing drugs cannot help. What do you think about treating children with cannabis oil? Let’s engage in a discussion!

CBD Oil Children
Parents seek cannabis oil to treat kids

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