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Does cannabis oil for pain really work

Published on: 01/8/18

Cannabis for pain

The Daily Record published Lance Corporal Cullum Brown’s plea for cannabis to be legalized for medicinal use after he gave testimony on his experience with cannabis for pain.

Brown (28) who served with 2 Scots, the Royal Highland Fusiliers in Afghanistan, lost both legs in a bomb blast five years ago. He is campaigning for cannabis to be legalized and made available to people like him who suffer constant pain.

His pelvis was also shattered in the blast and the nerve damage and phantom pains, are what drives him to use cannabis daily even though it is illegal. He says he is basically sitting on his spine all day and cannabis takes the edge off the searing pain.

Brown speaks out saying cannabis should be legal for medicinal use and available to people with pain, not to people who just take it to get high.

He says it also helps him with depression as he could easily get “a bit down”, possibly the understatement of the century! His memory of seeing kids suffer and mothers of dead children screaming at him, asking why we did what we did, is what made him decide to speak out.

Doctors should be able to prescribe cannabis for pain says Brown

He wants to make sure children don’t go on suffering. He says the active ingredients in cannabis can help kids with epilepsy and other conditions.

Brown states that he shouldn’t be viewed as a criminal for using something which has been used for thousands of years to ease his pain and make his life easier.

After his injury, doctors put him on very strong painkillers with undesirable side-effects. He felt suicidal. He says that using cannabis has no down-side and eases his pain.

He continues by saying he has seen enough suffering, terrible suffering, especially of children and he would just like to see doctors having the full arsenal for pain relief.

Callum, from Penicuik, Midlothian, is now pleading for the law to be changed in Britain so that doctors can prescribe the medical cannabis he needs to ease his pain.

Neurologist confirms cannabis can be used for pain relief

Recently a Scottish neurologist and expert on multiple sclerosis, Dr Jonathan O’Riordan from NHS Tayside confirmed in court on behalf of a patient that cannabis does work to relieve pain.

Dr O’Riordan stated in an official letter to the court: “He finds the cannabis helpful for symptom relief, and indeed, cannabinoid agents have been shown to be beneficial for pain relief and spasticity management in MS.”

Cannabis for pain

More testimonies of cannabis for pain

The former president of the Council of Trade Unions, Helen Kelly was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in February last year and given seven weeks to live.

Helen takes morphine daily for the pain after tumors broke her back, but the morphine wears off through the day and by night she is in agony. Taking cannabis illegally is the only thing that gives her relief and lets her sleep all night.

She explains that if she took nothing for the pain it would be an eight out of ten, if she just took morphine it would be about a five, but if she takes cannabis as well. her pain is gone.

Helen stands firmly for the decriminalization of cannabis and fights with all she has left for medicinal cannabis to be made available and affordable in New Zealand. She is frustrated that the negative image of cannabis is holding up the process. ‘People think there is movement, and the issue is gaining momentum, but actually there is no progress’ she says.

She says it is cannabis that enables her to move and get around and do things. After cancer treatment, she doesn’t throw up; she gets hungry and she has no pain. The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis stop the swelling and paralysis.

“It’s wonderful – but illegal.” She says and that is what makes her angry, not only about her own legal position, but on behalf of people who can’t have access and are forced to break the law.

Her view is that pain debilitates people and causes depression, but she says that if you can get up and about and live your life it makes all the difference.

The legal variety of Cannabis oil for pain can be easily obtained

The CBD cannabinoid is a hemp product, and therefore not illegal (although there is some dispute about this grey area). It can be obtained in health stores or ordered via the internet. It is believed to be as effective for pain relief as its cousin, THC. While governments take their time and the process drags on, CBD cannabis oil for pain is the solution.

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