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Cannabis oil for cancer made life bearable

Lindsey from Cape Town South Africa described her experience after she was diagnosed with colon cancer in September 2012. Her story is about cannabis oil, and how she eventually realized she had to take responsibility for her own health.

Cannabis oil for cancer made life bearable

Medical daily reports on Lindsey’s battle with colon cancer. She said she is telling her story because she wants to help other people realize they have to take their healing process into their own hands and be responsible for themselves.

She says it is not about lashing out at Big Pharma or doctors. It is about her realizing the chemo was causing more harm than good at the time. This was after her halfway treatment of chemotherapy, once a week, for 15 weeks, and she says what showed up on the scan was not cancer, but lesions and damage caused by the chemo.

It took courage and conviction the day she made a life changing decision, as she knew it could go either way. She told her oncologist she wanted to stop the chemo and her remaining treatment, and wanted the opportunity to heal herself holistically.

Given the opportunity to live a holistic life

Her oncologist was not happy, but made an appointment for her three months down the line saying she will follow protocol, and treat Lindsay even if she wouldn’t take the chemo. Lindsay said she wondered if the oncologist thought she wouldn’t be alive by then.

The rest is history, as Lindsay did her research, and eventually found cannabis oil to start treating herself with. Lindsey at the time said she would spent the rest of her life telling patients about the benefits of cannabis oil, and how it can help them to be without pain.

“This story is written for those who are suffering with cancer, or those who have friends with cancer,” said Lindsey. “It’s about not believing blindly what people tell you about your body.”

No claims as a cure: cannabis alleviated the pain

On the surface, it may seem like Lindsay is making claims about cannabis as a cure but she says she is making no assertions about the drug’s actual healing effects, instead she is saying cannabis oil alleviated the pain associated with having, and in most cases treating, cancer.

A study showed cancer patients in the U.S. were twice as likely to commit suicide than individuals in the general population.

cannabis oil cancer

Hard to believe

It is extremely hard to believe, but the conclusion Lindsay made was that what doctors thought was stage four of an aggressive cancer, was actually a fistula (a passage or hole that has formed between two organs). The fistula was repaired, but the surgeon told Lindsay that there was a 30% chance it might return, and break through again.

Lindsey continued to take the oil, which helped a lot with pain even though she was cancer free. Her family hoped that it would somehow or by some miracle repair the fistula. Unfortunately it didn’t, and Lindsay passed away peacefully in her sleep.

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