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Global move towards CBD oil, cannabis leaves US lagging

Cannabis cultivation is poised to take off worldwide

Europe, Australia and Canada are among the countries making marijuana cultivation and hemp products such as CBD oil a priority, both for medical and recreational use, according to this news article. In 2017, Canada will even have a nationwide recreational program to augment its current medical marijuana plan. Marijuana businessman Brendan Kennedy says that other countries, such as Italy and Australia, are substantially more advanced than the U.S. in their view of marijuana as a medicine. In America, he notes, government agencies are still debating whether to change its classification (it is a Schedule I drug, placed in the “most dangerous” class).

Israel becomes a leader in CBD oil production

Australian news places Israel at the front of these progressive countries. The country now has CannaTech conferences annually that focus on new ideas for CBD oil production and plant cultivation. Israeli company Tikkun Olam has created a strain of the plant that has the highest concentration of THC on record, the ingredient that causes pain relief and the “high” that smokers experience. It also makes non-psychoactive varieties. The industry could generate hundreds of millions of dollars for Israel, and American researcher Suzanne Sisley thinks that the country could become the center of marijuana study. One sign of this is the Philip Morris Company’s decision to invest millions in an Israeli firm that wants to develop a cannabis inhaler.

With traditional Rabbis agreeing to its presence and usage, marijuana has become widely used among Israeli patients: over 20,000 took it in 2015.

Entrepreneur Aeron Sullivan explains to why a global industry is useful and beneficial. Countries with warm climates and plenty of water like Cambodia can easily grow marijuana at low costs, and it can then be imported to the U.S. or another destination. He sees large corporations being involved in this field soon.

America lags behind as federal laws remain unchanged

A main obstacle to American development of the CBD oil business is the Drug Enforcement Administration’s classification of marijuana that has existed since the 1970s. This year the DEA agreed to review this decision, but it is not expected to change its mind. This review is mainly in response to some American senators, who want the government to encourage medical marijuana research; the Schedule I issue prevents this to a large degree. A reclassification of the drug would not legalize it but allow it to be studied more freely. Only one American institution, a university in Mississippi, is now legally permitted to grow the plant for research purposes, although some universities have permission to grow industrial hemp.

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The general public and individual states become more progressive

Opinion polls show that a majority of Americans are in favor of legalizing marijuana, and even the American Medical Association supports its removal from Schedule I. Previous DEA reviews in 2001 and 2006 did not result in any change to the drug’s legal status, and DEA acting chief Rosenberg said in 2015 that the idea of it being a medicine was a joke. Currently, almost half the U.S. states have legalized CBD oil and marijuana for therapeutic purposes, and 14 more are voting on it in 2016.

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