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Can cannabis cure cancer? UK man says it can

Can cannabis cure cancer

Can cannabis cure cancer? A Mail Online news report says that a UK man lived four years after having been told he had 18 months left to live, and was even declared cancer free at one point. His family are now calling for more research into cannabinoids as a possible cancer cure.

When he was just 30 years old, David Hibbit was diagnosed with colon cancer. He underwent all the treatments suggested by doctors: chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery followed, but doctors informed him that his cancer was terminal.

Cannabis oil cancer cure attempted

Being told that your cancer is terminal and you’re going to die is enough to drive people to try anything as a last hope. In Hibbit’s case, he’d heard about cannabis oil showing promise as a treatment for cancer, and decided that if cannabis can cure cancer, he’d be the man to prove it. If not, he’d soon die. Either way, he had nothing to lose.

He managed to obtain cannabis oil for cancer illegally, paying £50 a gram for the extract and dosing himself. But he did worry about the fact that he was breaking the law and even spoke to a police officer about it. The officer said that prosecuting him would not be in the public interest.

Three years on: cancer free!

Early in 2015, Hibbit was told that he was now cancer-free. Given that conventional medicine had held out no chance of survival, Hibbit attributed his miracle cure to the use of cannabis oil. He was reasonably sure that cannabis oil was behind his cure, because he had give up on chemotherapy only a month after he began using it. It wasn’t that he had a great deal of confidence in cannabis oil – but he just didn’t feel equal to facing more chemotherapy side-effects.

Can cannabis cure cancer

Cancer reappears after 15 months

It’s unclear whether Hibbit continued to use cannabis oil once he received a clean bill of health. In an interview, he said that he didn’t really like the ‘high’ that went along with his high THC cannabis oil, so it seems likely that he discontinued use once the condition he was treating disappeared. Whatever the case, cancer resurfaced in March 2016, this time affecting both lungs and brain.

Just three months later, Hibbit’s fight was over. But his family believes the fight for medical cannabis research should go on. His sister says that Hibbit would never tell anyone to discontinue chemotherapy, but that she believes in the healing properties of cannabis after having seen her brother recover completely albeit temporarily.

She says that her brother had started a support group and charity to help cancer patients and that he was campaigning for the legalization of medical cannabis.

Commentary from Cancer Research UK

The Mail discussed Hibbit’s case with a Cancer Research UK representative who said that the organization supports research into cannabinoids as potential cancer treatments but that current anecdotal evidence is “weak” when compared to proper clinical trials. She says that researchers are aware that cannabinoids “have an effect” on cancer cells, but says there is no medically acceptable evidence that shows cannabis can cure cancer. Can cannabis cure cancer? Only time and proper research will tell.

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