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100% Cannabis oil – the legal cure?

100% Cannabis oil – the legal cure?

You’ve probably seen the headlines. People are using cannabis as a medicine, and the newspapers usually just call it ‘pot’. Obviously, that makes for a sensational headline, particularly when parents are feeding it to their kids, but it is quite misleading. 100% Cannabis oil isn’t necessarily ‘pot’, at least, not in the sense that it will make the person who uses it intoxicated in any way.

If you look a little more reply into these news stories, you’ll find that a lot of people are using cannabis oils that don’t contain enough THC to have any effect. Instead, these oils contain CBD, a cannabinoid that isn’t psychoactive, but has a range of medicinal properties. Best of all, it isn’t illegal. So you don’t have to break the law in order to try Cannabinoids for one of the many curative properties that research is uncovering right now.

What is the FDA standpoint?

Here’s the crazy thing. Researchers can discover anything they like, but no-one is supposed to mention it until the FDA finally agrees that this or that new development can be used as a medicine. Well, you can probably mention it, and so can I, but in that case we’d better not be selling 100% Cannabis oil made from hemp.

The substance itself isn’t illegal. After all, it certainly isn’t a drug, and the nutritional value of hemp is indisputable, but absolutely no health claims are allowed. And that doesn’t just apply to cannabinoids. For example, if a health supplement supplier tells you that Omega-3s (which, by the way, are found in 100% Cannabis oil too) in the right balance can reduce your risk of heart disease, they’re breaking the law. Research may look pretty conclusive, but until the FDA chooses to endorse it, it simply doesn’t count.

So the FDA has to allow 100% Cannabis oil from hemp as a nutritional supplement or as a food or beauty treatment, but it isn’t allowed to be sold as a medicine.

How does this affect you?

The one big drawback about this is that the growing industry in 100% Cannabis oil is unregulated. That means that people can say what they like about the oils they produce (as long as they don’t claim it’s a medicine). They can tell you it’s pure when it isn’t, you have absolutely no idea how the oil was extracted and whether it’s free from harmful residues, and the unscrupulous can take advantage of the ill. In fact, the FDA even found that some companies claiming to cell ‘High CBD hemp oil’ were selling products that didn’t contain any CBD at all!

What should you do if you want to use 100% Cannabis oil as a medicine?

First of all, don’t risk getting a product that has been produced in someone’s backyard using plant material of dubious origin and even more dubious extraction techniques. Choose a product that’s been made by reputable professionals and that has third party certifications – even if that means importing it from Europe.

If a company is based in Europe, they’re actually allowed to give you any information you may need. After all, they’re outside the FDA’s jurisdiction. Supposing you have a child who suffers from severe epileptic seizures and you’ve decided to try this much-publicised cure. You can actually ask how much 100% Cannabis oil to administer. You can talk openly about using it as a medicine, and you can ask for lab reports that show the exact cannabinoid composition of the oil so that you can be sure that it contains CBD but doesn’t contain much THC. You can be much surer of getting the right dose of CBD to be effective and you can get a uniform product with a predictable amount of CBD.

Plus, we already know that Europeans worry about things that we’re only just beginning to become aware of in the US. Things like pesticide residues, for example. Knowing you’re not buying your 100% Cannabis oil from a backyard grower but from a reputable health supplements manufacturer gives you peace of mind – and a much better chance of achieving a successful cure.

Author: Andrea Durrheim

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