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Beginner’s 101

5 Easy Ways to Create an Effective CBD Routine

Creating a routine of any kind takes a certain amount of dedication and commitment. When incorporating CBD into your routine, consistency is key to seeing the results you desire. Some users mention how their CBD journey evolves over longer periods of time. So how CBD affects you on day one might not be the same as say day sixty.

We’re often asked at Endoca ‘what’s the best way to take CBD?’ Staying consistent with your doses will help figure out how it really works with your own unique system. If in the beginning stages, you feel you aren’t seeing the results you’d like, try customising your dose. Add more or a little less until you find something that suits you. Finding your ideal CBD dosage may take a bit of time to figure out.

What’s the best way to start

CBD oil

First of all you need to find a product that suits you. CBD oil drops are one of the more conventional ways of taking CBD, where a pipette dropper is used to add CBD oil droplets under your tongue. This is called the sublingual method.

This method allows you to quickly absorb CBD oil into your bloodstream, through the capillaries under your tongue. Which is usually the best method for beginners, as you can start with just one drop and increase your drops until you find a point that works for you.

Before you begin incorporating CBD into your routine you may want to start by finding your ideal CBD dose and product. Read our post on CBD dosage, where we give you a step by step guide to finding your ‘CBD sweet spot’.

How to Create CBD Routine

So, how do you incorporate CBD into your day to day life? Using CBD is actually very easy and can be taken like any other supplement. No matter what your needs are, finding the best way to take your CBD dose will ensure you receive the results you desire.

In this post we’ll show you a few ways you can incorporate CBD into your regime.

5 Ways to Add CBD to Your Daily Routine

1 Morning – Take it as a Supplement
Taking CBD capsules

CBD capsules are best suited to this particular method. If you’re used to taking supplements regularly, you can add them to your current supplement routine. We recommend taking CBD on an empty stomach as it’s thought to increase results.

This is the best method if your taking CBD to enhance the general well-being and want to introduce more cannabinoids to your system regularly. Capsules contain a set amount of CBD per capsule, so you can be sure that you receive the same amount in each dose, ideal if you want to take the same amount of CBD every day.

If you are taking medication as part of this routine, always seek professional medical advice before adding CBD, there could be potential drug interactions.

2 Morning – Add it to a smoothie or a shake

Following on from the supplement method, you can also add a few drops of CBD oil or even CBD crystals to your favourite breakfast smoothie. This method is also a good way to take CBD if you want to use CBD to enhance your daily well-being.

The bioavailability (absorption) of ingesting CBD may be a little less than taking CBD under tongue, as it has to bypass your digestive tract in order to make it into your bloodstream but it’s still an effective way to incorporate cannabinoids into your diet.

Customise your breakfast routine in our CBD smoothie recipe video. You can even add a few drops of CBD.

3 Lunchtime – Make edibles and store them

This may be one of the more time consuming ways to add CBD into your routine, but it sure is worth it, not only are edibles a tasty way to take CBD, they also double as a snack.

Opting to take CBD in this way is similar to taking capsules. This means the effects may take a little longer to take hold and the absorption rate is less. But once they take effect it is described by users as being ‘longer lasting’.

Why not try out our CBD cookies recipe post, where we teach you how to make your own with CBD crystals.

4 Daytime – Take it on the go

CBD chewing gum

Keeping some CBD in your bag could introduce a bit of calm into your daily schedule. Most CBD products are travel friendly and can be taken on the go when you feel you need it.

CBD edibles and skincare are the most travel friendly methods, and suit busy day time schedules. CBD gum, CBD capsules and even the CBD cookies from the recipe we showed you above, can be taken discreetly and quickly on the go, and you don’t have to worry about carrying a liquid in your bag.

5 Bedtime – Take it Before Bed

CBD before bed can be the perfect accompaniment to your bedtime routine. Taking CBD ½ an hour to an hour before bed can help you relax and unwind from the stresses of the day, preparing you for a more restful night’s sleep. You can use CBD oil drops under your tongue, take capsules or even massage CBD cream into your skin before bed as a relaxing night time ritual.

Final tip, take it when necessary

When it comes to taking CBD it all depends on how you feel it will fit best into your lifestyle. These are just some of the most common ways users find it helps them keep on top of adding CBD into their lives.

Whatever method you choose always make sure you keep track of how much you’re taking and remember you can always increase or decrease the dose if you feel you need to. If you’re on medication always seek professional medical advice.

Endoca CBD information is not a substitute for medical advice. This post serves as lifestyle guide. Endoca does not intend to treat cure or diagnose any illness, disease or condition.

Jada Lynton

Our in house copywriter is an avid holistic health and cannabis advocate. Her passion for cannabis grew after experiencing the positive effects CBD has first hand. Over the past two years, while working for Endoca her knowledge and experience of cannabis has grown and she continues to spread the word about the amazing effects of cannabis and cannabinoids.

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